Die Idee von LOVENDER

The Lamiale brand thrives on the idea of love - inspiring, enjoying, and most importantly, sharing it. We strive to be the only brand that cherishes lavender for all of its natural benefits, its (still heavily untapped) healing potential, and a tradition of love since… well, forever.  Our ultimate goal: to connect the world through lavender, deservingly so. With Lamiale, love and lavender live together in perfect harmony, hence the name “lovender”. 

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What Makes Lamiale? 

The notion of lavender does not only apply to the plant itself but the environment in which it grows, the atmosphere it exists in, and the entire process from its emergence to its survival (soil, sun, light, heat, water, air). These are all elements to a mosaic stone in the whole picture - the Lamiale story, which naturally… ends in love.  Lamiale is inspired by nature, but personalized by love. We want to make it easy for you to pick the right gift for your family, friends, and lovers. To create a moment in time to be remembered. Simply give them the gift of love. Lamiale’s gentle mixture of luxury, affection, and soothing fragrance makes it the perfect gift for any occasion. 

Our Packaging Design 

From an aesthetic standpoint, Lamiale’s design features a pleasing, dynamic external packaging that exudes freshness, purity, dynamism, and decentness. Comfortably static and dominantly sharp around the edges, the packaging is colorful and playful while at the same time keeping a modern and minimalistic look. The gold foil accents on certain elements give the impression of warmth, sunlight, heat, vitality, and the overall richness of nature.

The top part of the packaging slides up to open. The internal part of the packaging is monochromatic, static and visually “bold”, giving it a strong visual contrast to its exterior while also purposefully bringing the contents of it into the spotlight in an elegant way. 15 sachet bags and 5 hooks/hangers are finely arranged, one by one, as any luxury worthwhile, such as jewelry or high-end watches.

In other words, the lavender sachet bags themselves do not blend into the packaging but rather stand out as the main stars of the product once you open up the box, prompted to be taken out and enjoyed. The idea was to create a packaging conceptually similar to a lavender bush that somehow spreads from the above upwards. Truly, Lamiale’s design inside-and-out is embodied within the spirit of lavender.  

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Materials We Use

“We are proud to say that our luxury product packaging is made with eco-friendly paper. This environmentally sound batch of paper contains 40% recycled waste and zero GMOs. What is more, each packaging is hand-stitched together, giving it more authenticity and a human touch”.

On the outside, our packaging feels modern, engaging, with colors popping out and lettering prints pressed slightly inside the top outer layer. This gives it a tactile, rough feel and a character all of its own. It has a noticeably strong structure for long-lasting durability.

On the inside, each lavender sachet bag is hand-filled with dried lavender flowers from Croatia and is then hand-sewn in the finest of cotton materials, featuring natural, deliberately visible, inclusions and fibers. 

How & Where to Use Lamiale 

Bring exceptional lavender freshness with you wherever you turn. Place Lamiale among your linen for silky smooth freshness during sleep. Use it in your car instead of a hanging tree. Have all your clothes oozing the resolute lavender aroma as soon as you pull them off a shelf or out of a drawer. Pack one in a suitcase during long travels.

Lamiale sachets act as natural deodorizers against unpleasant smells. They are great relaxants, as well, with many other health benefits. Lavender is also a proven moth and bug repellent. Just hang a sachet wherever you’re most likely to benefit from freshness and enjoy the exciting lavender aroma for months to come. Pro tip: Once the lavender aroma fades away a bit, gently squeeze the sachet and lavender oil residue will revive some of that fragrance to create truly long-lasting freshness.

Pro tip: Once the lavender aroma fades away a bit, gently squeeze the sachet and lavender oil residue will revive some of that fragrance to create truly long-lasting freshness. 

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