This is a story of two best friends, Jasmin and Marin, whose entrepreneurial mindset and lifelong bond to homeland Croatia had led them to create the luxury brand we know as Lamiale.

The story takes place in the summer of 2018.

But, to give a more meaningful context to the story, let’s meet the dynamic duo first

Marin has been in the business of manufacturing lavender products in Croatia for the last 8 years, including creams and fragrant sachets. When Jasmin, a solopreneur and small business owner in his own right, moved to NYC at the zenith of the new decade, the ocean-wide distance fueled their friendship even more and new business ideas were ‘booming’ with each new conversation.

Every time they talked, Marin would tell Jasmin how they should start selling lavender together as a team. Unaware of what Marin's vision truly was, Jasmin didn't give this idea much thought. It would always be put on the back burner as ‘just another idea’.

This was until the summer of 2018, when Jasmin visited home and spent some days with Marin in Zagreb, where the two sold Marin’s lavender products right in the heart of the city, at the main square. This is when things finally ‘clicked’.

The sheer attraction to lavender by tourists from all over the world… 

The heartfelt reactions to buying authentic lavender...

In a city just miles away from where the lavender was grown… 

The pure emotion of being ‘in love’ with a product which is there to ‘inspire love’ in the first place…

Finally, it all made sense.

One of the beauties of lavender is a long-told story - a story people still respond to ..

As tourists visit Croatia, they are surrounded by beautiful nature, the crashing sea, and easy-going atmosphere. Tourists love the thought of bringing back natural, local Lavender crafted into sachets, as gifts for their family, friends & lovers. 

Minutes after they had sold out their batch of products at the town square, Jasmin and Marin were on the same page when it came to ‘the vision’ of what ‘their new’ brand could be. They had been talking about lavender and its huge potential - regardless of the fact that lavender has been around for centuries and everyone knows about it. 

Lavender’s true potential is still ‘unused’ in a way...

The vision of Lamiale was born…

Through our Lamaile brand of top-quality Lavender sachets right from Croatia, our beautiful packaging, and a superb online identity, we aim to awaken that peaceful, calm state of mind. It's as if you are breathing in the local sea air and scents every time you hold, touch, and smell that beautiful Croatian lavender pillow in your hand.

Our designer, Magdalen Krpina Zdilar, understood our vision and designed our first product, consisting of 15 sachets and 5 custom-to-fit hooks that make it easy to ‘hang’ some fragrance in your closet.

Lavender refers to much more than the plant itself.

It livens up the environment and atmosphere in which it grows.

The sole experience of breathing in its fragrance embraces the whole process of its creation, from the elements necessary for its survival (earth/soil, sun/light/heat, water, air) to the emotional reaction it causes once it reaches a human hand, nose or heart.

Without all this, lavender would not be what it is…

Each of these pieces  are like pebbles in a mosaic, which make one image - lavender.

Or better yet - the Lamiale story.

- Jasmin and Marin