Luxurious Lavender Sachets: Directly from Croatia's Rich Landscapes

Awaken the mind, body, and soul through hand-crafted sachets with long-lasting aromas, packaged to perfection.


Our Story: A Journey of Passion and Exclusivity

Our quest for unmatched lavender quality led us to the timeless traditions of Croatia. Cultivated organically and caressed by artisans' hands in the rolling hills of Croatia, our lavender blooms with a distinct aroma only the soils of Croata can provide. This richness is infused in every product we produce and craft.

It's a journey of dedication, embarked upon to present you with an unparalleled sensory delight. Whether you indulge yourself or share the gift of Lamiale, our sachets effortlessly enrich your moments.


Sustainable Luxury, Connected To Nature

Nature’s finest lavender meets our unwavering commitment to the environment. At Lamiale, we blend the pinnacle of natural luxury with sustainable practices, using eco-conscious packaging produced in our green facility. Whether gifting Lamiale or indulging for yourself, indulge in our luxurious offerings, all while honoring our planet.


The Perfect Gift

To gift Lamiale is to gift a timeless reminder of feelings, it awakens emotions often hidden by stress. Croatian lavender’s vibrant scent is harnessed and beautifully wrapped to bring you tranquilty wherever you need it most.

Each creation from Lamiale is designed to resonate with lasting elegance and fragrance. In gifting Lamiale, you're sharing a promise of unparalleled quality and the luxury of refined self-care.


Authentic fragrance

Luxury packaging

Natural deodorizer

Unique gift idea