Lavendel oder Lavandula ist eine Pflanze, die auf der ganzen Welt für ihren beruhigenden Duft, ihre friedliche Farbe und ihre heilenden Wirkungen bekannt ist. Lavendel ist eine der 47 Blütenpflanzen der Minzfamilie Lamiaceae. Es gibt mehr als 40 Lavendelarten, die sich alle durch die Intensität ihres Parfüms, ihrer Farbe und Größe auszeichnen. Obwohl die Pflanze im Mittelmeerraum beheimatet ist, findet man sie auch in den gut durchlässigen und sonnigen Feldern in Gebieten geringer Höhe bis in den Nahen Osten und ist somit weltweit präsent.


Visually, lavender is very similar to rosemary. It is often said that “as rosemary is to the spirit, so lavender is to the soul.” Generally, lavender’s flowers grow in width instead of height, with leaves rather thick when compared to rosemary. It typically doesn’t grow too high up, as its bushes grow only up to a meter in height. The herb’s presence is accented in a beautiful light purple hue. Given its global popularity, this has transcended into being the official name of the color, lavender.

History & Culture

The use of lavender throughout history, even in ancient times, is extensive. From Tutankhamun’s tomb containing traces of a lavender-scented fragrance to Cleopatra seducing Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony with it. Ancient doctors used it to relieve headaches, sore throats, and indigestion. Lavender has been a symbol of love, seduction, and caring for centuries. Today, we can safely say it is no different.


As far as growing goes, lavender thrives in rougher soil that is arid and stony. For home use and gardening, it is advised to prep the ground or soil accordingly. Lavender typically doesn’t tolerate tight environments, so give the plant some space. Remember: it grows in width, not height. Nurturing lavender is easy, for the most part. Like any other plant, it loves water, although it doesn’t require all too much hydration like some plants. In fact, too much watering can damage it. So, be mindful of irrigating it only when the soil is completely dry. As long as the soil around the plant is damp, it is an indicator that it doesn’t need water. Lavender also requires a lot of sunlight, so make sure to choose a spot in your home or garden that is not shaded for most of the day.

Uses & Benefits

Where lavender truly shines is in houses and gardens, whether as a source of soothing fragrance or simply part of the decor. It is also used as a culinary herb, or as an essential oil. One can also find it as a major ingredient in skincare and beauty products. Additional uses for lavender are abundant, especially given its natural health benefits. Here are just some of lavender’s healing benefits currently known to mankind (the list goes on):
  • Lifts mood and promotes calmness
  • Relieves depression and improves well-being
  • Improves sleep quality and energy
  • Deters moths, bugs, pests, silverfish, and more
  • Acts as a natural deodorizer against unpleasant smells

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Lavender resonates with stories, much like family recipes and tales. Rekindle nostalgia and forge new memories with our lavender sachets, bridging generations with an enchanting embrace.

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