Elevate each moment with Lamiale

At Lamiale, we envision a world where everyday moments transform into unforgettable experiences. With the right scent, the right ambiance, and the right intention, even the simplest moments can shape your day.


The Inspiration for Lamiale

“I’m passionate about moments and about nature’s ongoing gift to us. I wanted to bring people together, in small moments in their lives, and transform those intimate moments into experiences that would profoundly impact the rest of their day. 

I’ve always loved lavender and the incredible tranquility it brings to space through its aroma and beauty. After traveling to Croatia and seeing the care and passion those farmers have for this wonderful plant, I knew I wanted to bring those flowers to homes around the world in a form that fits seamlessly into everyone’s lives. I worked for many years with people from all over the world to ensure the lavender sachets we created with the same respect and care those farmers took. 

I’m proud to bring Lamiale to the world now and have loved the long, but rewarding journey that has led this brand to where it is today.

I want to make only the most authentic memories for people who like me, enjoy love-nder.”

-Jasmin Surjaca
Founder and Creator of Lamiale


Unearthing Nature's Finest

While lavender blossoms across continents, we sought a specimen that stood apart. A flower grown with organic care, radiating an aroma that soothes and rejuvenates. Our chosen lavender travels from pristine Croatian fields straight to your embrace - a journey we're proud of.


Crafting the Ultimate Lavender Experience

Beyond just a product, Lamiale is a sensory journey. From the moment of purchase to the lingering notes of our premium lavender, every facet of your experience with us is infused with luxury, intention, and dedication. 


Our Guiding Light: Lamiale’s Commitment

We passionately curate offerings that not only enhance your well-being but also evoke an essence of luxury. Coupled with our personalized customer service, we ensure that each Lamiale experience resonates deeply with our valued customers.

Lamiale's deep love for lavender fuels our commitment to crafting products that enhance well-being and offer a sense of tranquility.

Embrace the Joy

"Lamiale's lavender gift box is pure luxury in every sense. The fragrance is enchanting, the packaging is exquisite, and it's the perfect gift for any occasion."

Sarah M.

Embrace the Joy